30-Day Notice

When you move please comply with the following (in addition to other stand vacate procedures):

  • Return all keys including mail keys and garage openers
  • Have meters read on move-out date
  • Walls - Remove dirt marks and fingerprints from walls and light switch plates. Remove nails and tacks. Spot clean where necessary.
  • Doors - Clean both sides, especially around door knobs and latches.
  • Windows - Wash inside and out, where possible, dust window screens. Clean all tracks, sills, curtain rids and frames.
  • Ceiling - Remove all cobwebs
  • Drapes/Mini Blinds - Have drapes professionally cleaned if needed. Clean and/or dust mini blinds.
  • Light fixtures - Clean glass covers inside and out. Make sure all light bulbs work.
  • Closets/Cabinets - Wipe down all shelves and rods. Clean and/or dust floors and baseboards.
  • Floors - Sweep and mop floors and baseboards. Move appliances in kitchen to clean floor underneath. Carpets must be professionally cleaned.
  • Smoke Detectors - Make sure the smoke detectors are operational. Do not remove from its location.
  • Living Room - Clean fireplace/woodstove/baseboards
  • Bathrooms - Clean and disinfect sink, shower, tub, toilet and floors. Clean baseboards and mirror. Clean out cabinet under sink. Be sure to remove all soap scum.
  • Kitchen - Clean counter tops, cupboards and drawers. Clean refrigerator inside and out. Completely clean stove and replace range pans if needed.
  • Walkways/Patios - Sweep. Remove cobwebs from around door area etc. Check all outdoor light bulbs and make sure they're working.
  • Garage/Carport - Same as walkways/patios make sure any oil and grease stains are removed from concrete/pavement. Wipe down all shelves in garage.
  • Please do not do any painting

Please write below that you are giving a verbal 30-day notice: